About MoonStone

Moon Stone, one of the largest stone exporting companies in the Middle East.

Our Story

We are not merely stone merchants, but custodians of a timeless legacy. Our journey began generations ago, amidst the sun-drenched plains and rugged mountains of Iran. Here, where the earth holds secrets whispered by time, we discovered the captivating allure of onyx. Each slab, a unique masterpiece sculpted by nature, captivated us with its mesmerizing swirls and mesmerizing translucency. It wasn't just stone; it was a canvas painted by ages, a testament to the enduring beauty of the natural world. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a deep respect for tradition, we delved into the rich history of stone artistry. We learned from generations of skilled artisans, their nimble fingers breathing life into the cold stone, transforming it into objects of breathtaking beauty and cultural significance. Today, we carry this legacy forward with a mission to share the magic of Iranian onyx with the world. We handpick each slab, ensuring its exceptional quality and unique character. We collaborate with skilled artisans who, with each delicate touch, infuse the stone with a touch of their soul. But our story is more than just stone and craftsmanship. It's about sharing a piece of our heritage, a glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of Iranian culture. With each piece you bring into your home, you acquire not just a beautiful stone, but a whisper of ancient stories, a connection to a timeless legacy. We invite you to embark on this journey with us. Explore our collection, discover the unique beauty of Iranian onyx, and let the stone whisper its timeless tales to you.

“ We're not just stone merchants, but storytellers. We source Iranian onyx, each slab whispering tales of time - its colors and veins echoing centuries of artistry. Driven by respect for tradition, we collaborate with skilled artisans, transforming the stone into contemporary masterpieces. More than beauty, we curate a connection to history. With every piece you own, you bring home not just onyx, but a timeless legacy waiting to be unveiled. Explore our collection and let the stones whisper their stories to you."






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Percarin is a non-stop developing services platform for Persian carpet industry to fulfill needs of manufacturers, traders, dealers, buyers and costumers worldwide at anytime. From anywhere with any language, everyone can become a part of this family by only a mobile or contacting directly with our team.

For Suppliers

● Premium Stone Sourcing: Access diverse, high-quality stones with rigorous quality control and ethical sourcing. ● Tailored Stone Processing: Expert cutting, finishes, and treatments delivered efficiently and securely. ● Value-Added Services: Streamline operations with inventory management, project consulting, and technical expertise. ● Competitive Pricing & Terms: Transparent pricing, flexible payment options, and loyalty programs. ● Marketing & Collaboration: Build partnerships, targeted campaigns, and industry presence to expand your reach.

For Buyers

● Curated Collection: Premium stones, diverse varieties, ethical sourcing, & rigorous quality control. ● Expert Craftsmanship: Precise cutting, custom finishes, efficient delivery, & state-of-the-art processing. ● Project Collaboration: Design consultation, technical expertise, & seamless project management. ● Transparent Value: Clear pricing, flexible payment options, & volume discounts. ● Trusted Partnership: Industry connections, unwavering commitment to satisfaction, & passion for your vision.